Cruise The Great Sandy
Strait in Style

Houseboat Charter Cruising in Safe Calm Waters

Fraser Island

So you’re looking for bold adventure, a getaway  with spectacular scenery right at your doorstep.
Wake up every morning with a different view of the world from unbelievably clear water at Garry’s anchorage the dense scrub along Fraser Island.
Finish of the day with unbelievable sunsets over the tranquil waters of the Great Sandy Strait.
Be bold and step off onto the World Heritage listed Fraser Island, explore the wallum country lakes to perched lakes and turpentine hardwood forests.  
If all that’s too bold and you’re just looking for a laid back break with all the time in the world, 
try for some reading and relaxing while sun baking in the winter warm sun in sunny Queensland.  
If this is what you’d like to do, then there’s 5 things you need to do first   

  1. Get in contact with us and find out how to get onto a houseboat of luxury out of Tin Can Bay on the Sunshine Coast Queensland.  
  2. To experience the sheltered waters allow for fantastic cruising enabling you to enjoy the wildlife above and the water below. Do you have a bit of the photographer in you? Our scenery is just unbelievable, you’ll gain images that few people have a chance to see let alone capture for their own enjoyment.
  3. Then discover our Cooloola Coast waters, theres  about 70 Klm of varying depths up to 35 mtrs allowing a variety of sea life. Fishing is a main attraction with pelagic surface fish like Mackerel, Trevally and Queenfish. They give a spectacular site as they thrash around feeding off baitfish with the bird life going berserk dive bombing from above. Our seagrass beds, mangroves, mudflats give life to Mud crabs, Mangrove Jack, Thread fin Salmon, Flathead,  Whiting and  Bream, they are all  integral to the complex web of life here in the Great Sandy Strait.
  4. Now be with nature at sea level, watch the dolphins play in your wake as you cruise over Dugongs grazing the sea grass beds, being careful to keep an eye out for the green and loggerhead turtles that inhabit the area.
  5. Lastly it’s up to you to now enjoy the luxury of being completely at ease in one of Australia’s most comfortable fully self contained houseboats afloat. 

Kingfisher Bay – Hervey Bay

Cruise to the limits 40 Nautical Miles (75 Kilometres yes you will have enough fuel to get up and back) right up to Kingfisher Bay in our house boat accommodation. Explore Fraser Island from Tin Can Bay, Rainbow Beach, the Great Sandy & Fraser Strait with your self-contained luxury houseboat.

A house boating holiday vacation has never been safer or more comfortable. Fish for your dinner from a 5 star cruiser, rented at Tin Can Bay, Queensland … you’re at the gateway to the bold adventures and spectacular surrounds of The Great Sandy Strait. These houseboats offer the best in holiday accommodation, lifestyle and comfort, allowing you to experience the magic in style.
The Luxury Afloat fleet of 3 Houseboats offering fully self contained  accommodation, featuring timber paneling, large picture windows, plush carpet throughout (including sun decks), comfy lounges and fully equipped kitchens with a full range of kitchen-ware. Bed linen and doonas are provided and there is ample fresh water for showers. There is also a television, DVD and sound system.

No licence or previous experience is necessary and the controls are simple. However before you set out on your houseboat, you will be given a full briefing and charts will be provided. There is also a two-way radio to base for any queries, your own dingy with a 6hp outboard motor, a gas BBQ, large Ice Boxes and a host of other extras making for the perfect houseboat vacation in Australia. Secure parking is available on request and booking is essential.

Houseboat Holiday Western Side Fraser Island